Who was blake shelton dating before miranda lambert

Miranda Lambert claims cheating was not the only reason her marriage fell apart ...

Blake Shelton was way more into "The Voice" than her, and she felt like an abandoned wife ... Our sources say Blake's hit TV show was a constant source of conflict between them.

She says he had to spend between 7 and 8 months a year in Los Angeles ... But Miranda claims he rarely reciprocated by coming to Oklahoma or wherever she was working.

a place she "hates." Nevertheless, the sources say she would fly to L. The sources say Miranda felt abandoned and ultimately said, "This is no way to live." As for the cheating ...

Hollywood Lifers, do you think Miranda and Anderson make a cute couple?

Blake Shelton, 39, and Miranda Lambert, 31, started their epic love story back in 2005 where they met during CMT’s 100 Greatest Duets concert.

4, but the singer isn’t holding onto the past — or dwelling on Shelton’s new romance with Gwen Stefani.

PHOTOS: Blake and Miranda -- the way they were “She had her suspicions but didn’t really know it was a real thing until the announcement last night,” a source tells Us of Lambert. She’s divorced and he can date who he wants.” Lambert and Shelton shocked fans in July when they announced their decision to split after four years of marriage, but have been thus far navigating the aftermath with humor.

While the “Sangria” singer immediately found love with his co-star Gwen Stefani, 46, Miranda endured months of agony as their love fest played out weekly on TV.

We are so sad that now, 10 years later, we are learning that the #goal worthy couple has already reportedly filled for divorce and is expected to be officially separated soon.

To honor their decade long romance, were breaking down all of their love milestones and most adorable pics — check it all out below.

WATCH: Blake Gushes About ‘Awesome Night’ in Nashville With Gwen 4. Really, it should be someone on the Dallas Cowboys, seeing as Miranda is a Dallas girl, but JJ recently said he was "trying" to find a girlfriend and has a goofy charm that we think Miranda would vibe with.

Kip Moore As far as we can tell from creeping, the Swiss hockey player is single. WATCH: Carrie Underwood Pokes Fun at Miranda and Blake's Breakup 7.

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