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Also, 549 “how-to-go-low-budget” books show the A-to-Z method of making movies for no money. A book for the 50,000 screenwriters who registered scripts with the Writer’s Guild last year, who are desperate to find alternate strategies for making their films? When you go online and search micro-budget screenwriting, soooooo much of the advice covers the same 5 or 10 bullet points. If I’m reaching for a definition, micro-budget is whatever funding you can pull from your pocket, or the pockets of your family, or the pockets of every friend you ever had when you mail the personal email begging for cash during your 30-day Kickstarter campaign. Corman mentored and gave a start to many young film directors such as Ron Howard, Martin Scorsese and Peter Bogdanovich.

Or who, through advances in digital camera technologies and software, no longer have to wait for Hollywood’s approval? Micro-budget is Pre-dating Robert Rodriquez for the grand-daddy of Micro, for me, is Roger Corman. He helped launch the careers of actors Peter Fonda and Jack Nicholson.

That represents 25% of the total search engine requests on the web.

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“The ideal low-budget movie is set in the present, with few sets, lots of interiors, only a couple speaking actors (none of them known), no major optional effects, no horses to feed.

It’s no wonder so many beginning movie-makers set a bunch of not-yet-in-the-Guild teenagers loose in an old house and have some guy in a hockey mask go around and skewer them.” –John Sayles, Thinking in Pictures Doing research for a book proposal, I came across these stats: • Amazon search-keywords: Hollywood Screenwriting: Yields 20 pages, 754 books.

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