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The forest that Stanger pushes us into weekly may be less prettily presented than Shakespeare’s, but it is as real.

, on the air since 2008 and now in its fifth season, has a set formula: Meet the male and female millionaires and their potential partners, the casting session, the mixer, the mini-dates, the dates, the post-mortem.

She is a post-modern version of Shakespeare’s Puck, spinning the threads of economic and romantic life into a terrifying fable about our narcissistic, dysfunctional era.

In , Puck did not engineer happy endings for the lovers right away: He pushed them into the forest, sprinkled fairy dust on them, watched the shenanigans, and then paired them off.

Perhaps Stanger’s most infamous and iron-clad rule is that millionaires have to abstain from sex before they are “exclusive.” She is known to announce: “No in, in, or in,” pointing to each orifice, in case any deaf-mutes happen to be watching.

celebrates the “committed monogamous relationship” throughout the show and often ends unhappily.But then Stanger says she got a 4-carat engagement ring that day from Friedman who apparently knew Patti’s rule on engagement rings.Suddenly on her birthday May 31 he proposed to her.She is a producer and actress, known for The Millionaire Matchmaker (2008), Million Dollar Matchmaker (2016) and Married in a Year (2011).Patti Stanger and mortgage banker David Krause have broken up. 'The breakup was amicable and she is doing fine,' a source told People of the Millionaire Matchmaker star.

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