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Social networking sites, such as Facebook or My Space, can also pose a real danger for children.On these sites, teenagers and even pre-teens post personal information and photographs. Being an Internet Parent involves more than just using parental control software.And Sac State students talk about the Hyperloop Project.UC Regents respond to a scathing state audit on Thursday; we recap an affordable housing forum that happened earlier this week; ABC10 producer Ryan Rubi satirizes local reporting and the Young Actors Stage are set to perform in "West Side Story." Sacramento hopes to get drivers out of their car with an open street event; a new report has different ways to reduce emissions between Sacramento and Yolo counties and Submerge Magazine's Jonathan Carraba hosts Sound Advice.

Our West Sacramento hotel was the first in the Wag Family.

It means learning about the dangers of the Internet, and taking control of when and how your children use it. You'll be asked to restart your computer, and once you do that, K9 is working.

It's set at the default settings, blocking some of the most common categories.

I highly recommend their services to family and friends!

When I got Hannibal I was not prepared for the amount of energy that he brought to the table.

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