Who is mike vick dating

He served time in prison for illegal dog fighting before signing on as quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Athlete Michael Dwayne Vick was born on June 26, 1980, in Newport News, Virginia.

But that cant be his focus, or ours, because he needs to grow as a person 1st. He admitted his actions, and seems to be taking resbosibility for them, and thats a start.

The thief on the Cross next to Jesus went to heaven because he admitted his sins.

He is going to pay the piper, as he should, it is My hopes and prayers that he does learn from this, and become a better person for it. If he takes this time off, and becomes the better person he can be, then I see no reason why he couldnt make a comeback.

Michael, a sandblaster at the local shipyard who had played football in his youth, seems to have had a special premonition about his son.

According to one account, upon Vick's birth his father cradled him in his arms, took him outside and held him up toward the nighttime sky.

I normally hate anything associated with PETA, but I think it's pathetic that any national sports league HAS to add an "anti animal cruelty" rule.

Shouldn't "anti animal cruelty" be a GIVEN, and not some "rule" that some idiotic, entitled individuals have to have spelled out for them?

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