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Walk Score® is a proprietary walkability metric that ranks locations by proximity to destinations, with emerging health promotion applications for increasing walking as physical activity.Currently, field validations of Walk Score® have only occurred in metropolitan regions of the United States; moreover, many studies employ an earlier Walk Score® version utilizing straight line distance.It assesses the ability of other branches of State government and external agencies to share information and evaluates how well those systems can be integrated.Issues regarding ownership of data, how to maintain security and the responsibility to preserve children, youth and families’ confidentiality should be considered.

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Obviously, a company is influenced by its environment.

Spearman's rho for scores were very high for Bonnyville (r).

Walking as physical activity is generally feasible for most people, and efforts to increase community walking can help combat this trend, potentially reducing the burden of chronic illnesses (cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, and respiratory diseases; diabetes; and many kinds of cancer) ().

However, this connection may be left without the attention it is entitled to and there is a danger that far-reaching decisions concerning commercial real estates will be made without sufficient analysis over possible future development.

This paper investigates how the forces of change appearing in the present real estate market environment may affect future commercial real estates and their market environment.

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