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Trek Passions has a homepage that has a blue and white color theme along with an interesting sci-fi slideshow of aliens, spaceships and time portals.If you are interested in joining a sci-fi community, Trek Passions is a good choice.The site was founded in 2010 by Oliver Gough, the current owner, with an eye on catering "specifically to Star Trek fans," due to the fact that "there was no other site dedicated for Star Trek daters," said Gough in an exclusive interview with Tech Times.Site users can set their preferences for notifications — the default lets the site send emails for everything from new messages and chats, to photo comments, to "winks" you can forward to and receive from users — as well as search for matches according to interests, physical characteristics, age bracket and relationship type.“We actually received a wedding invite in Klingon about a year ago from a couple who met on the site. “I underestimated just how different our systems would need to be...I'm pleased to say we've more than made up for it.”But gay, straight, or any other configuration, Trek Dating has a one-up on general dating sites like OKCupid : a guaranteed shared interest.“Those awkward silences are over and can be filled with related chats and news.Community Q&A Whether you're searching for a girl who can fully discuss the Spock versus Kirk battle from the 1960s version of Star Trek with you or you seek someone who can appreciate your affinity for Trekkie culture, finding a girl who likes Star Trek is definitely possible. This article explores a few of the options, as well as recommending a few cautions to ensure that your approach to a Star Trek girl is likely to be more effective than rejected.

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” That is one of the “flirts” you can send to clingy Klingons on Trekkie Dating, a new dating website for Star Trek fans who wish to “live love and prosper.” Now there’s no need to wait until the official Star Trek conventions to meet your match.

Bird met his own wife on the site, two days after she joined.

That’s not the only success story Trek Dating boasts, either. “That wasn't the case before and it wasn't by design,” said Bird.

"But these sites are owned by large companies and certainly not dedicated to Star Trek fans," Gough explained.

"They are what's known as affiliate dating, whereas the company owns many dating websites and when you join you're featured on all of their sites." What's more are the continued efforts to update and improve Star Trek Dating, like the "site overhaul" the site had in the summer of 2015, followed by "a completely new site" that was launched in October of last year.

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