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In February 1989 recordings for the first album took place in Stockholm with Christopher Ståhl (Power) and Mats Lindfors (Norum, Grand Slam) on guitars, Peter Hermansson (220 Volt, Norum) playing drums on some tracks and Mats Olausson (Yngwie Malmsteen) on keyboards.

Jacob programmed the rest of drums and played all rhythm guitars with the help of the producer Mats Lindfors on "Women, Whiskey and Songs" Electra, to whom Jacob was currently signed, went bankrupt just when the mixing was finished and the album's release was delayed.

ARTICLE RELEASE 2008 - Starmap Class AA The 'forbidden' previously hidden records that follow expose secrets that have been locked away for centuries.

Secrets that have actually been forgotton by historical secret society up until today.

Talisman Group LLC, created in 1997, by Robin Powell and Francisco “TJ” Tejeda, is a Las Vegas based consulting firm that specializes in providing expertise in the gaming industry.

Like many Americans, I well remember where I was when President Kennedy was assassinated.

I was home, sick, and watching television, sipping an endless stream of the chicken noodle soup that my mother always made for me when I was ill.

My mother sat on the sofa, sewing and watching her shows.

Jacob found himself with record label interest but no band so a vocalist was needed.

On a whim, Marcel contacted Jeff Scott Soto who also was in Yngwie Malmsteen's band years earlier.

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