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And since the couple started dating in 2009, his daughters Tamara and Petra have reportedly struggled with the new arrangement.CLICK ON PHOTO FOR FULL GALLERY Bernie was married to their mother, Slavica, for 25 years and both girls are fiercely loyal to the strong-willed Croatian.According to a 2012 article in the Wall Street Journal, Stunt had first viewed several other properties, including a 36,000-square-feet property on Sunset Boulevard, priced at .5 million.The real estate broker Rick Hilton said: "I showed her several properties but they weren’t grand enough." The Manor was relisted for sale in October 2016 with an asking price of 0 million.But when they divorced five years ago - her announcement that she was separating came completely out of the blue - it had widely been assumed that she was in receipt of the biggest divorce settlement in history.Reports suggested that she had been given more than a billion dollars from her ex in a deal agreed behind closed doors.Indeed neither have commented on Bernie and Fabiana’s engagement, and, moments after the news broke, Tamara, 27, took to Twitter to post that she had just had a lovely meal with her mum.

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Documents show that since his divorce in 2009 he has received half a billion dollars (£300m) from his ex-wife’s trust fund.“I have spoken to Omar and he has admitted that it’s true. I have spoken to my dad and I have spoken to my family. I am happy for you to print this story.”This wasn’t a relationship. “I don’t want anyone else to go through what I have gone through. They were later spotted at the Epsom races and it was then that we found out the lucky guy was identifies as Omar Khyami. This was before I was with Tamara.’’ “I don’t actually have the name of this individual. I have been having this for over a year now, almost 14 months the blackmail.Media reported that Omar and his stunning girlfriend’s relationship blossomed last May. “I have a case and I’m waiting for lawyers to see where we stand.

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