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Over the course of two nights at the 3rd Annual AIM Family Gathering, we raised a...For most of us, Spring is starting to bloom and the world around us in coming alive again.Cambodian men, women, and children migrate to countries within the region—primarily Thailand and Malaysia, but also Singapore, Vietnam, and South Korea—for work in factories, restaurants, or other industries, but many are subsequently subjected to sex trafficking, domestic servitude, debt bondage, or forced labor within the fishing, construction, food processing, and agricultural industries.Vietnamese women and children, many of whom are victims of debt bondage, are transported to Cambodia and forced into commercial sex.

As a family, we committed to raising 0,000 to rescue and restore an additional 10 girls this year.

But Transit Police warned potential offenders there is a powerful tool in their arsenal to help catch criminals and secure convictions: surveillance video.

"Trans Link provides excellent quality, colour video on all the buses, on all the trains, in all the stations," Chief Doug Lepard said.

Corrupt officials in Cambodia and Thailand facilitate the transport of victims across the border.

Additionally, an unknown number of unidentified trafficking victims are among the large number of migrants deported from Thailand each year.

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