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"In addition, any recorded images do not leave your console unless you specifically choose to allow it to do so. Days later, the NSA reported it successfully listened in on a Skype call.

During the course of Beyond: Two Souls, it is possible for events to lead up to a sexual encounter with Ryan Clayton.

Some of these moments come from the end of their respective games, so spoilers ahead. Hope you've enjoyed this taste of our favorite beautiful moments of 2013.

Back in June when I traded in my Xbox 360 for a Play Station 3, I inadvertently sequestered myself from the online gaming community.

With each system capable of using an advanced camera capable of listening for voice commands, potential buyers wondered whether this technology can pose potential security and privacy risks.

In the run up to the Xbox One launch, Microsoft has already stated it will not use Kinect to spy on its user base, nor will it cooperate with the government by giving out access to the technology.

Intimate Chat is another difficult game, but it is basically all about picking up cards (even that of your single opponent) and putting out three-of-a-kinds or straight flushes (matching suites and consecutive numbers).

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And for those hoping to purchase a new console outside of Europe, they tell us, current American surveillance laws do not act in the favor of those potential customers concerned with privacy.

so check our Play Station 2 and original Play Station sections, too.

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Like scenes found in other games, the game cuts away shortly after the couple begin kissing, and the rest of the act is simply implied.

This scene is tied to the In Love with Ryan trophy, and takes place over the course of two levels.

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