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Investigators say human trafficking is an undeniable problem in our region.It is one that brings traffickers from California, Washington and beyond to Portland's suburbs.Sex trafficking in the suburbs of Portland, police say it's a reality they deal with every day.A lot of their cases are no longer confined to the city, but are spreading into neighborhoods like Beaverton.Former CBS News anchor Dan Rather once called the city “Pornland.” The city has more strip clubs per capita than glittery Las Vegas, and a tolerant attitude toward sex, both legal and illegal.Combining those facts, a demand for sex workers, the city’s geography that provides easy access for traffickers, and its reputation as a progressive youth-oriented community attracting runaways creates a toxic brew rivaling the notorious red-light district of Amsterdam.“It’s nonstop. Doug Justus of the Portland Police Department’s vice squad.You can't tell me I can't be here anymore," Tonie Tirado said last week as she hid on one of the street's few dark corners.She was eating a Mc Donald's cheeseburger and struggling to keep crumbs off her tight-fitting dress. And there are so many of us and so few of them." Sixteen years ago, city leaders implemented a "prostitution-free zone" along 82nd.

Police say four women, two men and three children came out of the home.

We have the professional resources to conduct confidential investigations of defendants’ assets and property to determine the ability of money to satisfy a substantial judgment.

Most physical or sexual assault takes place on private property, including parking ramps and retail store parking lots.

Inside investigators found condoms and cash wrapped in paper, a series of smart phones lined up in row and a bed in the same room as massage tables. Police arrested a woman they identified as the business owner and charged her with promoting prostitution.

Police say that's the official charge for aiding and assisting in sex trafficking."The traffickers know that they're going to go wherever the customers are. Detective Opitz says that's just a glimpse into an underground industry."There's no difficulty in finding minors being trafficked, or exploited on escort sites.

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