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Our primary purpose is to support mothers of color who are making parenting a priority._Mocha Moms does not discriminate, we welcome all that support our purpose. Founded on Christian principles, the purpose behind its founding was "to establish and maintain a high standard of morality and scholarship among Black women".It is an African-American focused, National Greek Letter Organization with over 870 chapters located across the The public service of Delta Sigma Theta centers on a Five Point Programmatic Thrust: Educational Development, Economic Development, Physical and Mental Health, Political Awareness and Involvement, International Awareness and Involvement.HBCU Alumni of Arizona (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) is seeking new members.Yet each of us have found ourselves saying, in the words of Bono from U2, “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for”. I’ve never bought a Bride Magazine or dreamed about how every detail of my wedding would be (and no disrespect intended if you have).People are fine with this at 20, but hit 30 and people start pressing you to try a bit harder. I guess what I’m saying is, for me the idea of marriage has never been elevated to fairytale level.

The Phoenix Chapter meets on the 2nd WEDNESDAY of each month at the office of "IT CONNECTIONS". We also encourage networking of both students and professionals in the information technology field.

While there are several large churches that have a singles pastor or director and are doing a great job in reaching and growing single adults, most churches do not.

Most churches give various excuses such as: We don’t have any single adults.

Individual sororities may also have private informal recruitment events outside of this period throughout the year where they invite PNMs to membership through less-structured and more casual interview events.

Through the formal recruitment interview process, you will initially visit all of the sororities at your university.

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