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The genesis of the haunting is unclear, but three fires and resulting deaths in the last 100 years have not served to quell paranormal activity within the home.The intense exploration of Monroe House culminates with Nick and homeowner Eddie Norris journeying into a crawl space beneath the home and unearthing what appeared to be skeletal remains. Viewers can witness the heart-pounding discovery first-hand in the PARANORMAL LOCKDOWN season premiere.

Kennedy assassination; the possibility that the Blood Moon series of eclipses holds a message from the heavens; the warnings for America of former Soviet bloc spy Gen.Besides disappearing planes and ships, phenomena that are linked to the Dragon's Triangle include ghost ships, USOs, lapses in time, and electronic equipment malfunctions.Some writers, including Charles Berlitz Probably the most extensive investigation into the Dragon's Triangle was performed by author Charles Berlitz.Connor and Theron want Tally to complete their Alpha triad. A wedding her ex-husband has wormed his way into as a guest. And they're not sure she'll go for a relationship with two men at the same time. She’s tired of the superficial relationships and is ready to give true romance a try. That is, until a curvy funny woman shows up in his territory saying she’s there for him.Connor and Theron want Tally to complete their Alpha triad. She uses the Paranormal Dating Agency and hopes they can help her where all others have failed. Who is he to argue when someone as delectable as Alyssa decides she wants to give herself to him? A man who will accept her as she is and go crazy for her curves.

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