Onvalidatingpassword override

NET membership is designed to enable you to easily use a number of different membership providers for your ASP. You can use the supplied membership providers that are included with the .

NET Framework, or you can implement your own provider.

Client Forms Authentication Membership Provider System.

Client Windows Authentication Membership Provider System.

Takes my username and password, but just loops me back to the log in screen. I don't know if Symantec have pin-pointed it yet or not.

When I press the Vault is Closed button on the Norton Toolbar, the Get Started Sign-In button pops up asking me to sign in with my password. I do know it is a major pain in the posterior and I have told Symantec that's how I feel about having an unreliable password manager. Some information on the "local" vault vice the "online vault", which are the terms used by the support technician.I think they have made their own implementation of the Membership Provider in combination with Open Access.Link to sourcecode Daniel Hi ericguo, Can you upload the code as a Code LIbrary, and describe in the body of the page how it is used and put the sample?The technician initially said the "newer" version of Norton 360 did NOT have the "local" vault capability. I had no way to determine what constituted "old", vs "new" versions, but I assume it was somewhere in one of the files. I had the same problem a week ago and it was fixed via support.She went through an uninstall/reinstall routine which led to the "lockup". However, after a Windows 10 Update last night, I have the same problem again.

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