Oab address book not updating

If using Outlook, query the GAL directly, or download the latest OAB. Before you do anything send the user you created a 'Test Email' from your own account.

The easiest way to do this is simply connect to Outlook Web Access, and query the GAL directly (OWA uses the GAL no the OAB like Outlook running in cached mode does). The User/Mailbox IS listed on the Server But NOT in Outlook.

Version 2 supports Outlook 98 SP1 and earlier clients.

Public folder supports is supposed to be going away sometime in the future… Of course, there are command line routines to alter these settings.

This will be a helpdesk issue for a few days explaining that people will just need to create a new email to the "new" mailbox instead of replying to the old.

After about a week, it pretty much becomes a non-existent issue.

We had an issue with some mail boxes and I have had to recreate some user mail boxes (not a Move Request).

After doing this, people can't send to the new mail boxes.

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