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I actually watched my DVD twice for this review- once to refresh my memory, and a second time with the director’s commentary on to take screencaps.I had very high hopes for this film, despite thinking it was too soon for another adaptation.At long last, my review for the 2011 version of Jane Eyre is here! My DVD was still in the packaging, despite having owned it for nearly two years now!Well, I didn’t watch it right away because I was trying to watch the Jane Eyres in order, and then my computer died…I mean, the 2006 BBC miniseries was released less than five years before this one!As much as I love Jane Eyre, I do think think there’s such a thing as adaptation overload. Overall, my view on the film is that it is a disappointment.Crown prosecutor Sarah Maleckas told the court the girl and her family were scared and distressed by Allwood's "grooming" behaviour.

Allwood spent four months stalking the teenager via indecent text messages, following her to work and watching her when she was out.

The ghosts of Jane Austen and Charlotte Brontë have suffered several film adaptations of their most famous works, and the problem with multiple film adaptations of the same novel, however well-meaning or loyal to the text, is that watching three versions of the same story before reading the book can numb one out to the brilliance of the original.

I’ve seen this scene before, I’ve heard this dialogue before, I’ve had enough of this famous line because I got to see the three versions of Pride and Prejudice before I hit fifteen.

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