Horsman doll dating

Edited by Ellen Tsagaris, Doll Collecting Expert Everyone discovers a doll sooner or later that is hard to identify.

12", Sue 14", Jane 17-18", and Nan dolls, 20" tall, Horsman's Patsy type competitor; all composition, jointed bodies, molded painted hair, painted or sleep eyes, closed painted mouth, all dolls are unmarked.

In 1930 the Horsman company acquired the Louis Amberg & Son doll company, their competitor and continued to produce some of Amberg's dolls notably the Vanta Baby.

In October 1933 Horsman was purchased and became a subsidiary of the Regal Doll Manufacturing Company.

Mattel, Madame Alexander, Ideal and other modern doll makers often mark dolls with their name as the sole mark or as part of the mark.

Antique dolls such as Armand Marseille or Simon and Halbig may also be clearly identified on the back of a doll's head, but this is not the case for most antique dolls.

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