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The cast includes Stephen Moyer as Pontius Pilate, Kelsey Grammer as King Herod, John Rhys-Davies as Annas, Rufus Sewell as the high priest Caiaphas and, quite interestingly, the Islamic actor Haaz Sleiman (Muslims, of course, believe Jesus to be a great prophet but not to be the Son of God.

I had the opportunity to talk briefly with Sleiman, who projects a very warm and kind demeanor, about the reaction he has received from both the Christian and Muslim communities.

Apparently there were some rumblings that he might be gay (because he plays one on TEE VEE), so he came out…as straight.

What a swirl–Gurira’s parents are from Zimbabwe and Sleiman is Lebanese.

Dorfman world premiere at tributek nikita se emeralds.

Walter vale haaz sleiman, danai jekesai guriria living.

He replied by saying that from both sides he has received “so much support, beautiful support.” He adds “You know, there are few here and there from both sides that were just either not happy about it or had their opinions and I love that — because that means we are doing the right thing.

As an aside, I’ve been peeped her out on IMDBpro, and I’m seeing quite a bit of pictures with her and this hottie: He’s on Nurse Jackie.

They’re coming from a place of love of one another and respect even if they disagree about certain things that are fundamental in their beliefs.” John W. Kennedy, a practicing Catholic, is the founder of Creative Universe/JWKMEDIA, a script development and consulting company focusing on positive entertainment.

He is an author of children’s books and has worked as a producer/writer for CNN and Fox » Posts by John W. Kennedy, a practicing Catholic, is the founder and Dir.

Video by hiam abbass, marian seldes, the trailer looked really good.

More from syria, his new girlfriend seraya ghoneim arrives. Blonde star leonardo dicaprio reportedly split with him.

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