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She’s also sunk her teeth in to music production, having recently assisted self-deprecating US sludge-punks Pissed Jeans with their new album, .

Reflecting on the process in this conversation for Crack Magazine, Lydia spoke with Pissed Jeans frontman Matt Korvette to discuss the Internet age, the rotten condition of US politics and the concept of the non-mono-gender. , you actually adapt the insecurity most women have about any part of their body.

Just under three months ago, Sara – alongside fellow NYU student Arsh Harjani – founded Resist X, a daily and weekly SMS and email service, altering users to the protests, rallies and demonstrations going on in their area.

Since it is foundation, Resist-X has expanded to three cities in the U.

I prefer to conceal my revolting corpse as effectively as possible."Back in his do-gooding days, when he collected down-and-outs as other people collect postage stamps, to preserve and to study, he housed a total of 700 tramps in nine Plymouth warehouses.

I see so many people getting into little tiffs or misconstruing shit because they’re not having a direct conversation, voice-to-voice or eyeball-to-eyeball. : But do you notice that there’s a lot of newer bands, maybe younger people, that really take that stuff to heart? : I think it’s indicative of a spoiled, pampered infantilism where reality TV is more important than reality and everybody can be a superstar in a universe that revolves around their own fucking asshole. He said, “I don’t want to die and have someone sell my diaries like Kurt Cobain.” That’s pretty right on. We didn’t need an election, we needed an insurrection. [Trump] is very indicative of the stupid of the American psyche. Assange and Snowden need to be released from their possible indictments as well. I can’t help but be amused and depressed for the sufferers. 300,000 people were arrested in New York alone last year.

is a new series by babe that explores the real love lives of young women across the United States.

A large majority of young women’s media glamorizes the idea of dating, sex and relationships, but we all know things are hardly ever as clean as they seem.

Resist-X is a daily SMS and email service that provides you information about protests, rallies and demonstrations going on in your area each day. C on a weekly basis and New York on a daily and weekly basis.

In New York, it’s email and text, but in DC and Dallas it’s just email.

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