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JUNGLE - SOMEWHERE IN VIETNAM - DAY The sun matches the intensity of the previous shot as we move down into thick green jungle. Tex, carrying the M-60, looks up at the glowering sky. JUNIOR (under his breath) Goddamn ain't no justice round here, you break your ass for de white man ... (calling out to Tex) Tex you got Junior and Taylor here on your position.

Access to the database is limited to UC Berkeley students, faculty, and staff.PLATOON FADE IN: A QUOTATION AGAINST A BLACK SCREEN: 'REJOICE, O YOUNG MAN, IN THY YOUTH ...' The sound now of a C-130 air cargo plane roaring over us and we cut sharply to: EXT. AIRSTRIP - BASE CAMP - VIETNAM - DAY As the C-130 coasts to a stop, the hatch rotating down on a hot, dusty lifeless airstrip somewhere in Vietnam. TITLES RUN A DOZEN NEW RECRUITS step off the plane, unloading their duffel bags, looking around like only the new can look around, their hair regulation-clipped, crisp, new green fatigues fitting them like cardboard. His face, unburned yet by the sun, is tense, bewildered, innocent, eyes searching for the truth. As they move out, Chris' eyes moving with the body bags being loaded onto the plane. They pass the newboys - and they shake their heads, their eyes full of an almost mocking pity. Viewers will encounter startling images of early 20th century Manhattan, San Francisco, Tokyo and Beijing, as well as views of nascent Rio de Janeiro and burgeoning Buenos Aires.Scenes from Tsarist Siberia, the Mongolian steppes, a Varanasi teeming with worshippers, and a camel-and-elephant caravan on the Khyber Pass reaffirm the spectacular value of Kahn's grand project. DVD X5708 Poverty, emigration, declining birth rates, and ethnic divisions weakened many European countries as the 20th century began.

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