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It's commonly thought that straight men worry about penis size because it's something their female partners care about.

But research indicates that heterosexual men worry about penis size more than women do, and that they are more dissatisfied with their penis size than their female partners are.

Where e Harmony and Match succeeded by serving the khaki pants-wearing divorced bank teller crowd, and OKCupid made its bones catering to the wannabe Suicide Girl in all of us, Tinder is there for the drunk and horny, wherever they may be. There are a lot more drunk, horny guys than drunk, horny girls trolling for strange on the web.

While most guys’ Tinder inboxes receive a message or two once in a blue moon, many women could be scheduling enough anonymous sex to fill a forty-hour work week.

As you can see, both are identical except for the photos and the fact one has ‘overweight’ as body type and the other has ‘thin’.

Locker Room Syndrome Most heterosexual boys and men don’t see too many penises outside of the change room or locker room, and possibly home if there are male siblings or parents in the house.

It’s something many single people wonder, myself included.

Men are more likely to fall in love and have lots of sex using online dating apps and sites than women, a study suggests.

Dating site found that men have fallen in love 3.3 times on average in comparison to 2.3 for women in 2016.

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