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Credit American fashion designer Ralph Lauren for popularizing the button-down polo shirt.

Like the rest of his plaid and knitted prep wear, the iconic collared shirt comes in bright colors; features the company's polo-player-on-a-horse logo; and looks good on men and women.

"Look," Ralph Lauren says, "I’m in the fashion business, but I’m not in the fashion business." We are sitting by a king-size coffee table in his souvenir-strewn office as the impatient honks of yellow cabs echo faintly up from the New York street below. What on earth is this Bronx-born billionaire personification of one of the world’s biggest fashion brands on about? This is not a uniform, though; he has happily appeared in public wearing head-to-toe Lauren-tailored tweed, matinee idol tuxedo jackets (teamed with jeans) and even a sarong.

Even without a speck of due diligence I’d know that after 46 years Ralph Lauren is America’s alpha-designer: 500-and-something shops in 80 countries, 23,000 employees, 15 (at my last count) separate sub-brands, revenues of .9 billion last year alone – and that mallet-swinging Polo player logo, for heaven’s sake. "I live different lives," he says, "but my product and myself, it’s the same thing…

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Well we start off with the "blank", which is what we call the original, as it is Ralph Lauren shirt to be reworked.

Each season, the company unveils a collection of polos, sweaters, and other preppy threads to fashion-minded women, men, and kids.

This super cute shape is sure to see you through Spring and Summer with a selection of colours and patterns and you can be sure that there is no piece the same as every shirt that it is made from is slightly different in size, shape and style. The Ralph Lauren shirts used solely for rework are sourced mostly from Texas or Atlanta.


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