Chelsea korka dating lmfao

Known by his stage name Sky Blu, this hip hop singer and rapper was one-half of the party dance group LMFAO.He has also pursued a solo career, releasing singles like "Go On Girl." He performed his first song with his uncle, Redfoo, in 2006. He is the grandson of Motown executive Berry Gordy Jr.She is best known for her participation in the CW network 2007 TV show Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search For the Next Doll, where she was the second runner-up.During the semi-finals she got sick but was still allowed to continue in the competition as Robin Antin deemed her the girl with the most potential.In 2010, Sky Blu created Big Bad University ("the first university for dreamers"), a collective of artists, which is mainly composed of the rapper Shwayze, recording artist/songwriter/Maxim model Chelsea Korka, and producer/singer/songwriter Mark Rosas.

She is well-known for her work with the Robin Antin of the Pussycat Dolls, Cee Lo Green, Paradiso Girls and most remarkably with LMFAO, where she was presented on the 2011 summer hit "Party Rock Anthem".He, his brother, AJ, and AJ's girlfriend, Jen, launched the company in 2011, and since then Gino's life has changed in amazing ways.Before this he lived in New York, grew a little weed in his apartment, did customer support for a software company that AJ had founded.One of those aforementioned singers seems to be Miley Cyrus, who has posted photos of Gino's products on her Instagram account.Forty-year-old Gino, with his scruffy beard and Lawn Guyland accent, helps run Speed Weed, the biggest marijuana-delivery service in Los Angeles and, according to Gino, the biggest in the entire United States.

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