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Me and the wife were getting ready to go to a holiday party this past Saturday night.

We had some friends coming by to take us so that we can have a few drinks and not have to worry about getting home, and having a friend who is also 6 months pregnant has some advantages :) They...

another guy at her parents house while they were out of town.

He was behind me and I was behind my gf when my gf's younger sister and 4 of her friends walk in on us. They ran upstairs when they realized what they were seeing. My bf didn't give a **** though, either that or he lied about it. years ago when my boyfriend at that time and I went to one of his friend's graduation party.

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Our twenty month old relationship is coming to an amicable ending. It was mid afternoon and I didn't expect anyone home for some hours.

We didn't hear them come and before we knew his mom had opened the door and seen both of them inside me. So about two weeks ago, my boyfriend and I were having sex upstairs in his room- quietly.

His parents always knock, but at the time him and his dad had gotten in a couple fights lately.

once younger by son i was with my wife in the bed then later in life i was dressed with a older male friend and his grown daughter came in his house and walked into the bedroom and caught him on top of me we did not know she was there until he finished and got up Living in college dorms is never quiet. He was cool about it, we shook hands and properly introduced ourselves. They had a pool there and I knew we would probably go in, so I wore my cloths over my bikini just in case.

The walls are thin enough that you can almost make out entire conversations if people are not careful. Well we did eventually go in and after awhile we moved to a corner so that we...

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